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an elevator. No footage of the fight itself was made public; from various reports, though, we know such video exists. New Jersey prosecutors reviewed the case for weeks before presenting it to a grand jury, which in March cranked up the charge against Rice to third degree aggravated assault, a felony. As one Atlantic City criminal defense expert, Joseph A. Levin, told the Baltimore Sun, third degree aggravated assault requires "significant bodily injury." A loss of consciousness would qualify as such. Significantly, the charge against Palmer was dropped. We know a great deal less about the NFL’s investigation. We know that NFL got its hands on the full elevator tape. (Sports Illustrated’s Peter King confirmed this in a recent mailbag.) And we know that on June 16, Rice and Palmer met with Goodell in his office. Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, team president Dick Cass, NFL counsel Jeff Pash, and NFL senior vice president of labor policy and government affairs Adolpho Birch were also in the room. It was here,

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