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Election of LLC as an S Corporation or C Corporation

A limited liability company with two or more members is taxed as a partnership by default (and a single member LLC is a disregarded entity for tax purposes and treated like a sole proprietorship). Your LLC would not be taxed differently unless a special election was made with (and accepted by) the Internal Revenue Service.

LLCs have the option of making a special election to be taxed as either a corporation ( corporation) or an S corp.
fake oakley sunglasses cheap The election for tax classification as a corporation is made on IRS Form 8832. The election to be taxed as an S corp is made on IRS Form 2553. To verify the tax classification of your LLC, you can contact the IRS toll free at 800 829 4933.

How a member can resign from an LLC whether a member can even resign from an LLC at all in part on state laws governing limited liability companies and the LLC governing documents. Laws vary from state to state but usually allow the resignation of a member only to the extent that it is so provided in the LLC articles of organization or
fake oakleys cheap operating agreement. bankruptcy, disability, divorce)
replica oakleys that could trigger the removal of a member from the LLC. Barring that, there may be special circumstances in which the removal of a member
cheap oakley sunglasses may require a court order; you should consult an attorney for advice in this area.

In any case, articles of amendment may be
fake oakley wholesale filed with the secretary of state amending the LLC articles of organization to reflect current membership. Also, many states require LLCs to file an annual report listing the current members as of the time of filing; and some states may offer a prescribed form on which to file a statement of disassociation of a member. Contact the secretary of state office in your
oakley sunglasses discount LLC state of organization for information on filing options and reporting requirements.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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