And The Winner is…

The BeMyApp Games are officially over…but only until our next hacking mischief!

The estimates:
- Roughly 400 people came to the opening night in San Francisco, Berlin, and Paris
- Over 80 game ideas were pitched
- More than 30 projects were voted in and built over the course of the weekend in all three cities
- 3 finalists were nominated by a a panel of judges in each city and had 48hrs after the hackathon to gather as many online votes as they could

You can check out some of the pictures from the weekend here.

The online battle was as fierce as the hackathon and now it is time to announce the Gold Winner of the BeMyApp Mobile Games world cup hackathon.

The winner is…

Chromaniac – woot woot!

Congrats to the victors and all teams who built awesome games! Keep the momentum and let us know when your games are live!!

Big thank you to everyone who participated, all our sponsors, partners and friends! Stay tuned for the next global competition or the local edition of BeMyApp.

Thank you,

The BeMyAppers

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One Response to And The Winner is…

  1. JM CIery says:

    Cool, congratz to everyone who participated in.

    Will we have the number of votes for each project ? Would be interesting :)


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