And The Winner is…

The BeMyApp Games are officially over…but only until our next hacking mischief!

The estimates:
- Roughly 400 people came to the opening night in San Francisco, Berlin, and Paris
- Over 80 game ideas were pitched
- More than 30 projects were voted in and built over the course of the weekend in all three cities
- 3 finalists were nominated by a a panel of judges in each city and had 48hrs after the hackathon to gather as many online votes as they could

You can check out some of the pictures from the weekend here.

The online battle was as fierce as the hackathon and now it is time to announce the Gold Winner of the BeMyApp Mobile Games world cup hackathon.

The winner is…

Chromaniac – woot woot!

Congrats to the victors and all teams who built awesome games! Keep the momentum and let us know when your games are live!!

Big thank you to everyone who participated, all our sponsors, partners and friends! Stay tuned for the next global competition or the local edition of BeMyApp.

Thank you,

The BeMyAppers

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Chromaniac is a free iPhone and Android game wherein you control the fluid’s color to absorb the drops of corresponding hues. Mistakes = It fills = You lose.

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Download Chromaniac’s Beta .APK for ANDROÏD !

Download Chromaniac’s Beta .APK for ANDROÏD at this address. Just click it from your device and it will download automatically. After, you just have to Install the application !


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Dupe gameplay GIFs

An animated GIF is worth one million words, so we made a few to explain our game Dupe:

Animated with Loopcam for iPhone, one of our favourite apps!

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Exclusive Main Chromaniac’s Soundtrack

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Face’m Poker


Face’m Poker aims to bring the real world interaction back into online poker. Utilizing a Python backend, websockets, XCode and TokBox we created a fully functional poker client that streams a video feed from your opponents front facing camera directly into the game. From there you can toggle your opponents stream on or off if you are trying to call their bluff or are just sick of looking their face.

We have won the competition in SF and are looking to get YOUR VOTES so we can beat the respective winners in Berlin and Paris so spread the word.

View our presentation here
Be My App SF Interview

However, we all came together over the course of last weekend to create something unique and work together and every team involved did just that. Congratulations to all participants and thank you for all the your hard work the demos were fantastic and pushed the envelope of what a group of misfits can put together in 48 short hours, cheers!

Our team was formed on Friday evening on February 8th, 2013 at the beMyApp hackathon held at Sandbox Suites co-working space, bringing video poker to mobile.

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Chromaniac is a free iPhone and Android game for casual and hardcore gamers, wherein you control the fluid’s color to absorb the drops of corresponding hue. Be careful of mixtures: if a blue and a yellow drops fall in the same time, you have to select green. If you choose the wrong color, the container fills. If you make combos, it empties. If the container overflows, you lose.


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FacemPoker gets interviewed during hackathon

FacemPoker interview by Vera from BeMyApp

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Dupe (short for “duplicate”) is a local multiplayer game for 2-4 players on a single touchscreen device. Each player chooses a colour at the start, and the colours are randomly distributed across a randomly-selected play area. During the game, players have to watch their own colour, and replicate short patterns. Because the colours are randomly distributed across the board and all players share the play area, they must not only watch their own colour squares, but also deal with the hands of other players which may be in their way. The player who correctly replicates the most patterns in a 60-second game wins.

The random distribution of colours means that Dupe stays interesting, as boards are different each time. There are boards designed for 2, 3, and 4 player modes, and a board layout is randomly selected at the beginning of each game.

Because of its use of vector graphics and responsive design, Dupe will scale to perfectly fit any size of device or tablet. Dupe aims to make the device what board games used to be – a social experience for all ages, involving game play and physical space.

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